Light, strong, wear- and corrosion-resistant advanced materials are being used in a wide variety of products. However, the complexity of failure of composite-structured assemblies represents a major challenge, and the problems are too complicated and too interactive to find a solution by practical testing. At present, the only way forward is judicious testing coupled with well-substantiated computer modeling; hence, university groups and research institutes are strongly involved in developing virtual testing procedures with the aid of finite element methods.
The scope of this eight-day Summer School is to familiarize graduate students with the state of the art in advanced materials production, testing, failure, constitutive law modeling, micro-mechanics and homogenization methods and theory, and commercialization.
The target audience for the 2017 Summer School is composed of graduate students, graduates and junior researchers (MSc, PhD students, postdocs) interested in learning more about experimental and virtual testing procedures, focusing on the material constitutive models, micro-mechanics and homogenization methods and commercialization.
The idea is for each day to have a theoretical session in the morning, followed by hands-on materials testing and computer simulations in the afternoon together with training on commercialization of ideas and innovations in the field. The participants will have the opportunity to visit and exchange with experts of various industries that deliver products and services globally. The industrial visit to ALUMIL-CFT and the full day training to BETA CAE Systems’ software packages will offer a unique experience to the participants. Interactions among participants is fundamental to achieve the full potential of the Summer School and social activities will be planned to provide ample opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas as well as to initiate collaborations that could be fostered in the future. A continuous educational assessment of the courses ascertains the high quality of the summer school.
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